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EQAS for preanalytical phase

Labquality’s preanalytical external quality assessment (EQA) schemes provide a unique means to assess a larger part of the total laboratory testing cycle.

Preanalytical EQAS

With these products, laboratories can extend their quality assurance beyond the commonly assessed analytics to the phase where most errors arise. Managing all phases of the total testing cycle is equally important to ensure patient safety.

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Control the most error-prone laboratory testing phase.

Align your processes with the requirements of the ISO 15189 standard. Four separate products suit all laboratory professionals:

  • Anatomic pathology
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Phlebotomy
  • Microbiology
  • POCT

Improve your analytical quality

With the total testing cycle divided into preanalytical, analytical and post-analytical phases, most errors have been suggested to occur in the preanalytical phase. This is a result of the improved analytical quality and strict control of the analytics. The measurements are however performed from pretreated specimens and errors such as the ordering of inappropriate tests, improper specimen collection, transport delays and wrong identification may have occurred before the analysis.

Labquality’s preanalytical schemes provide laboratories and point-of-care testing units with the tools to extend their quality assurance to cover a larger part of the total laboratory testing process. The participants are provided with a comprehensive assessment of the appropriateness of their preanalytical practices and a means to compare their procedures internationally. Preanalytical errors are often invisible yet can lead to significant divergence in test results.

In the preanalytical schemes, real-life scenarios are used as case studies. A questionnaire probing the preanalytical phase is filled out by the participants to learn about their ways of working. Nurses, laboratory technicians and doctors can all participate as the results are grouped by the profession of the participants. The approach of the schemes is educational and the results are not scored.

7800 Preanalytics, clinical chemistry

7802 Preanalytics, microbiology

7801 Preanalytics, phlebotomy

7804 Preanalytics, POCT

7806 Preanalytics and process in anatomic pathology

7807 Preanalytics, Pneumatic sample transport

8817 HIL-index [DEKS]


New EQA Scheme for Preanalytics of Pneumatic Sample Transport

A new EQA scheme for Preanalytics of Pneumatic Sample Transport has been released. The round allows measurements of up to three transport lines.

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