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Become a partner company for recruiment trainings?

Top Expert Recruitment training

Is there a place for Top Expert to go in your company? We are now looking for business partners for the Health Tech Top Expert Recruitment Training starting in November 2024!

Support Business Growth with Risk-free Recruitment!


Labquality, in collaboration with the Regional State Administrative Agency (ELY-keskus) and TE Services (TE-palvelut), offers a unique opportunity for companies to find and train new experts. Our successful recruitment-focused training model is designed specifically to meet the needs of health technology sector startups and SMEs.

  1. Support for Growth: A smoother way to increase your company's productivity and develop your business with a new top expert.
  2. Save Time: The recruitment process is effortless and risk-free for our clients. Labquality handles the entire recruitment process from drafting job postings to marketing and pre-interviewing candidates. Commitment occurs once the suitable candidate is found.
  3. Save Money: ELY finances up to 70% of the training costs!
  4. Opportunity to Influence Training Content: Companies can influence the design of training content to ensure that it truly meets their needs.
  5. Labquality's Experience: Over 100 experts have been successfully trained, and 83% of them are currently employed.
  6. Support for International Expertise: Opportunity to find an international expert and receive support for integrating the new employee into the workplace.


Top Expert Recruitment Training in a Nutshell:

  • Timing: Multiple implementations per year (next trainings start in November)
  • Training Duration: 8 days / 56 hours, plus personal development task guidance and business coaching
  • Work-based Learning: 72 workdays
  • Price for the Company: €3000 + VAT / expert

In cooperation with:

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What do we offer?

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Recruitment process

Labquality takes care of the recruitment process, from preparing the job announcement to marketing, and to the preliminary interview of experts. We use TE services, job search websites and direct search. We introduce the most suitable experts for you. Commitment to the process takes place after a suitable expert has been found.

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Need-based and customized training

Labquality trains experts for the company's needs! Of course, on-the-job learning plays a major role, but in addition to that, we offer versatile studies related to industry expertise. More about the contents of the training below.

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Need-based sparring and coaching for the talent and the company

In addition to the training, we spar the student in his task throughout the training period. Students prepare a development assignment that serves both their own learning and the company. Through the development task, Labquality also gets to consult the company.

Recruitment process

Content of the Recruitment Training

Labquality’s experienced experts and trainers are responsible for the implementation of the Top Expert RecruitmentTraining. The training consists of contact teaching, development assignment, sparring and coaching. The employer partner, in turn, is responsible for familiarizing the company’s operating culture and on-the-job learning during the internship, and participates in the guidance of the jointly agreed development task. The content of the training will be tailored to the needs of the employer partners around the following themes, and the themes will be delved into needs-based sparring related to the development task.

  1. International Business Expertise and Sales: market identification and access, international trade, business development and sales, marketing and communications, distributor networks, earnings logic, pricing, financing opportunities and contract matters.
  2. Product development and project expertise: innovation, product development, productization, product manager responsibilities, product lifecycle, sales and marketing support, product development and production processes, software development, resourcing and project management.
  3. Quality and risk management: quality management and regulations, quality systems, risk management, business strategy, identification of competitive advantage and business development.
  4. Industry competence and working life: requirements, trends and future of the health and technology industry, working life skills, competence development and expert communication.

Interested? Get in touch!

Roosa Hiltunen
Roosa Hiltunen
Training Specialist
+358 50 390 4210


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