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Meet us at ECP in Dublin!

Labquality will be attending the 35th European Congress of Pathology on 9-13 September in Dublin.

Our Sales Director Juha Wahlstedt will be available for discussions at the exhibition of the meeting. Please book an appointment if you would like to discuss proficiency testing (external quality assessment schemes) for Anatomic Pathology

Please visit our booth n:o 54 to check our latest EQA programs for Pathology!


EQA Programs for Pathology

Labquality provides clinically relevant EQA programs for anatomic pathology. Our pathology portfolio covers diagnostic histopathology, diagnostic cytology, histological staining techniques, immunohistochemical staining methods and the preanalytical phase of anatomic pathology.

Please visit our booth to pick up your copy of our Pathology Portfolio or download it from our website.


EQA programs for 2023 - 2024

Labquality is actively following the development of laboratory medicine and we want to produce clinically relevant EQA schemes to serve pathology laboratories. This year we want to introduce a new type of external quality assessment scheme for the preanalytical phase of the anatomic pathology process.

 Pathology preanalytics

  • 7806 Preanalytics and process in anatomic pathology

Pathology Diagnostics

  • 6701 Gynaecological cytology (liquid-based), virtual microscopy
  • 6700 Gynaecological cytology (smear), virtual microscopy
  • 6542 Histopathology, virtual microscopy
  • 6702 Non-gynaecological cytology, virtual microscopy

Pathology Technology

  • 6543 Histological staining techniques
  • 6600, 6600S Immunohistochemical staining method



See you in Dublin!

Juha Wahlstedt
Juha Wahlstedt
Head of Sales
+358 50 327 5338

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