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Meet us in Tomar, Portugal

Labquality will attend SPML's (Sociedade Portuguesa de Medicina Laboratorial) 16th scientific meeting in Tomar, Portugal, from 12 to 13 April 2024. Labquality's EQA Sales Director, Juha Wahlstedt, and EQA coordinators from PNAEQ will be available to discuss at the meeting's exhibition.

Please visit our booth to learn about our latest EQA programs!

New schemes

We actively follow laboratory medicine's development and want to produce clinically relevant EQA schemes to serve clinical laboratories and point-of-care sites. We launch new pilot studies regularly.

New schemes and products 2024

  • 2707 Maternal serum screening
  • 8205 Pipette control
  • 5254 Mycoplasma genitalium, drug resistance, nucleic acid detection
  • 5253 Helicobacter pylori, nucleic acid detection
  • 5683 Mpox (Monkeypox virus), nucleic acid detection
  • 5850 Brucella, antibodies (available again in 2024)

Read more and register:

New EQA scheme for Pipette control

We have announced a new EQA scheme for controlling and monitoring single-channel piston-operated mechanical and electronic pipettes used in clinical laboratories.

This EQA scheme allows clinical laboratories to perform intermediate performance checks between pipette calibration intervals, including interlaboratory comparison and individual performance assessments against reference measurement values. The EQA samples provided in this scheme are noninfectious liquid samples. Participating laboratories are requested to perform multiple pipetting of a specific volume (100-1000 µL) and report the obtained mass weight for each measurement (a laboratory scale with 0.01 mg resolution is needed). Each laboratory may report results for up to 5 pipettes through the electronic platform LabScala. Result evaluations will be published in the final report distributed to the participants.

Note: This EQA scheme does not fulfill the accreditation requirements for pipette calibration and is not intended to replace standardized pipette calibration. Pipette calibration can be performed by ISO 17025-accredited calibration facilities or internally by clinical laboratories when following the specified requirements.

8205 Pipette control


Preanalytical EQA scheme for pneumatic sample transport

Does your pneumatic tube system (PTS) induce hemolysis? Is this preanalytical step included in your quality control process? You can monitor your PTS regularly by participating in our EQA scheme.


7807 Preanalytics, pneumatic sample transport.


International reference materials for Vitamin D

Vitamin D panel for serum 25-hydroxy vitamin D!

Vitamin D-02-2


See you in Tomar!

Juha Wahlstedt
Juha Wahlstedt
EQA Sales Director
+358 50 327 5338


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