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A Clinical Study of Peili Vision’s EFSim Test Software

Peili Vision’s software aims to expedite the identification of challenges in children's executive function and potential ADHD issues in healthcare and at school. The collaboration of Peili Vision and Labquality started already in 2021, and more recently, Peili Vision has chosen Labquality as the partner for a clinical study to assess the performance and safety of their browser-based, game-like medical software.

The solution, named EFSim Test, is intended for easier, faster assessment of challenges in executive function associated with activity and attention deficit disorder (ADHD) for children aged 8-13 years.

"Labquality provided us with support for building and maintaining the QMS, necessary documentation, and implementing the clinical study. Getting all these services from one provider is a significant advantage for us," says Mikko Kontio, COO and co-founder of Peili Vision.

When vulnerable subjects like children participate, the study becomes more regulated and demanding to conduct than with adult participants. Data protection, safety, and participant recruitment and informing them required special attention.

Research and utilizing the results are in general important for Peili Vision. In the current study, Labquality analyzes and reports the clinical data collected after closing the database, and in addition to providing credible evidence, the study can benefit future product development.

Learn more: Computer Game as a Medical Device: A Clinical Study of Peili Vision’s EFSim Test Software

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