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Registration for new pilot rounds now open

We actively follow the development of laboratory medicine as we want to produce clinically relevant EQA schemes to serve clinical laboratories and point-of-care sites. We launch new pilot studies on a regular basis and it is now possible to register for one or several pilots from the selection below.

This registration form will close on 31 March 2023. More information regarding the specific pilot rounds will be provided to the registered participants when schedules have been decided.

Available pilots 2023
  • Clinical chemistry: Maternal screening
  • Haematology: Flow cytometry, Immunophenotyping, lymphocyte subsets
  • Immunology: ASCA, Anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae, antibody detection
  • Bacteriology: Mycobacterium genitalium, drug resistance
  • Bacteriology: H. pylori, nucleic acid detection
  • Bacteriology: Bone and joint infections, multiplex, nucleic acid detection
  • Bacteriology: Vaginitis/Vaginosis, multiplex, nucleic acid detection
  • Bacteriology: Gram stain, vaginal fluid
  • Bacteriology: Blood culture pathogens (sepsis), multiplex, nucleic acid detection
  • Virology: HPV induced head and neck cancer control
  • Virology: Norovirus, antigen detection
  • Virology: West Nile virus, antibody detection
  • Mycology: Fungal infection, native and fluorescence virtual microscopy
  • Parasitology: Leishmania, nucleic acid detection
New EQA Scheme (Note! This is not a pilot)

If you are interested in participating in the new Monkeypox scheme, just tick the scheme in the registration form and we will send you more information concerning pricing and ordering.

Help us improve our services

We are collecting information concerning the need for EQA for POCT and molecular pathology. If you are working in these fields, please select these options from the registration form.

Your feedback on the pilot studies is very important and therefore we will include a short survey with the individual pilot studies. Thank you for your help in advance!

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Heidi Berghäll
Heidi Berghäll
R&D Manager
Kristel Virtanen
Kristel Virtanen
R&D Manager

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